Saturday, June 4, 2011

Public vs. Private Hospital

Medical care is socialized in Honduras, but the country also has private medical care. Yesterday, we toured El Centro Medico Quirigico, which was in stark contrast to what we saw of the public health clinic and hospital.

Public: A deteriorating building
Private: An up-to-date building that hosts the city's first elevator

Public: Sights and sounds of sickness and pain all around
Private: Extremely clean appearance, with patients seen behind closed doors

Public: Two-three patients per bed
Private: Private rooms, with the option of upgrading to a private suite (complete with a mini-bar)

Public: Lines of people waiting to be seen
Private: Patients with appointments to see a specific doctor

Public: Laboratory tools way behind the times
Private: Laboratory run like a money-making business

I'd estimate that the Private hospital and clinic sees fewer patients in a week than the Public hospital and clinic does in a day. It's just not affordable for the general population. But if you have the means, getting medical attention at the Private medical center is much more sanitary and comfortable than what the government provides.

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