Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The School in Sinai

Although we were unable to visit patients in their village homes, we visited a village school this morning. The kids were supposed to be on vacation, but the teacher had them come in to spend time with us. We brought coloring books designed by UT for REED, made paper airplanes from construction paper donated by MOPS, dressed the girls in pillowcase dresses sent by Janine from Dress a Girl Around the World, and just played with them!

Because they were in school that day, the students were fed their breakfast of beans, rice, tortillas, and atol (an oatmeal drink). Their teacher told us that many of the kids are malnourished, making it difficult for them to retain anything they learn in class. They are from villages that speak the Chorti language, so although most of the learning is done in Spanish, the teacher has learned some Chorti and teaches them how to write it.

click on a photo to see it full-sized!

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