Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Notes from the Students

Hi mom and dad! I’m enjoying my time here in Belize. This week it's been pretty chilly, a cold front is coming through. I know it’s a lot warmer here than it is in Mass :P but relative to the normal weather here it’s pretty cold. Is there any snow left? Drink some hot chocolate for me and sit on the pellet stove J I love and miss you both! See you soon. -Sarah Bailey

Hey family and friends! Belize is awesome! one of the people I’ve met said I can bring Matt down and he’ll take him iguana hunting. I loved my time at the orphanage and snorkeling! I’m so proud I didn’t bring one home, almost did… jk. Can’t wait to brag Matt and Dad J I’m looking forward to seeing some Mayan ruins and more hospitals this week.  Can’t wait to see you guys soon! Love you lots.  ~Amelia Jones

Hi Mom and Dad!! Wow, Belize is so beautiful! It’s so weird to think that I’m in a different country. Everything’s so different, and I’ve learned a lot about Belizean culture. Quite a bit different than what I expected, but still very interesting. We’ve seen so many awesome sights and done some things that I’ll probably never do again haha. I hope everyone’s doing well at home! I miss everyone so much and can’t wait to see you when I come back home! PLEASE give Gracie and Maggie big hugs for me!! Love you all so much! – Sarah Woodbury

To my friends and family! Hello. I heard its snowing. I just want to say ‘HAHA’. The weather has been incredible here in Belize. It has been so great, that several of the people on the trip have complained of being cold in the 67-degree rainy weather here in the jungle. I received word that you had some record low temperatures. Well here in Belize, we had some record high fun! The experiences of being in a foreign country are almost too much to write, but I’ll try and provide a snap shot! We have had a wonderful mixture of missions, tours, life experiences, lessons, lectures, and seminars. Within this country we have heard a wonderfully colorful mixture of languages: English, Creole, Q’echi (Mayan), and Spanish. We have enjoyed a plethora of different biomes: villages, rainforests, tropical beaches, and urban settlements. There has been so much to absorb while being abroad, and I can’t wait to sit down and share my journey with you all J Love ya’ll -Aaron

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